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ATS group improv dance classes
Every Thursday live via Periscope!
Contact me for information.

ATS® Belly Dance Flow 

Thursday 6:15pm MST

Each online class starts with a brief warm-up, followed by a dance flow grounded in the ATS® format of improvisational group belly dance. Each flow section is about 10 minutes and will have a slow and fast song, followed by a brief break to catch our breath. We will do three flows at each class, starting with basic movements and then increasing in movement complexity with each flow.


While I do not provide instruction in this class, each flow segment is geared to help your learn through repetition, without verbal processing, allowing the body to find a way to this dance form at its own pace.This class does assume some experience with the ATS® movement vocabulary and format, however it is also fine if you want to jump in and dance along!


I do offer special class series with technique breakdown of the ATS® style of belly dance. You can also find instructional DVDs and more information on ATS® Belly Dance here.


Classes are appropriate for dancers 18 years and older.

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