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ATS group improv dance classes
Every Thursday live via Periscope!
Contact me for information.

Belly Dance Basics & Beyond

Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm MST

Each online class starts with a brief warm-up, followed by technique breakdown and drilling of basic belly dance movements. Then we transition to a dance-flow, grounded in the ATS® style of belly dance, using basic and intermediate level dance movements, to get you moving and keep you dancing!


The first half of class is geared to help beginners become more familiar with basic movements of belly dance, particularly those used in the ATS® format. The second half of class focuses on following the flow of belly dance movements, without verbal processing, allowing the body to find a way to this dance form at its own pace.

For more information on ATS® Belly Dance, look here.


Classes are appropriate for dancers 18 years and older.

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