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Fusion Belly Dance Classes

Fusion Belly Dance Technique​

Wednesdays 6:30-7:30

This class explores a variety of movements, isolation patterns and embellishments that are fundamental to the modern fusion belly dance style. We will focus on technique and transitions, using combos and choreography to build familiarity with the dance. 

The approach to dance and movement that I present in this class is drawn from over a decade of studying and performing with Jill Parker. As an original member of FCBD®, and the director of Ultra Gypsy and Foxglove Sweethearts, Jill's dance style is grounded in the earthy movement traditions of West Coast American belly dance. Her work expands the vocabulary and variations, while maintaining a clean simplicity of form that is consistent with the much of the group improvisational styles.

The practice of learning combinations and choreographies, using the movements of ATS® and fusion belly dance, will help improve recall, perfect transitions and deepen your understanding of how movement relates to the structure of a song. You are practicing skills that will benefit your improvisational dancing and enhance your confidence as a leader and performer!

All classes are at The Hoff Studio. More class info here.

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